MINDGAMES still blowing away audiences after 25 years!



Perceptionist Tom Berger has astounded thousands of people with his amazing mind games show called 'MindGames'. Join him for a night of great entertainment as he blends perception, humour, psychology and influence in his one man show.

Audience members experience a jaw dropping performance of wonder as Tom speed reads people with uncanny accuracy. "I see what you're thinking", he says. And he does.....
It's a mini X-Files on stage type show which is thought provoking and totally audience interactive.

Tom appears to do the impossible, anything from speed reading people and revealing their
thoughts, to priming and predicting behaviour of random audience members with incredible

He's a human lie detector too -- in The Lying Game your goal is to lie to Tom and get away with it. Not so easy, as one by one the cues and tells that give you away are shown and exposed in a fun and eye opening sequence. 

You've got to experience it to believe it. Want to know what part of the body you should always look at first to know someones intentions?

You'll learn this during the show, it's something you'll always use in sales or social situations.
It is an outstanding interactive entertainment experience your guests talk about for days!

If you want a phenomenal show, unlike anything you have ever seen, this is it.
If you want an event that people talk about for days afterwards, book Tom Berger!

Tom has been a full time performer for over 25 years, so you know you are getting
an audience tested jaw dropping experience your guests rave about for days.

Contact Tom Berger at tomberger2@gmail.com for dates and enquiries, bookings are via Speaker Bureau on Contact page.

MindGames has taken me around the world, including the 3000 room Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, and the Moana Surf Rider, the oldest largest hotel in Hawaii.

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