MINDGAMES still blowing away audiences after 25 years!

What People Are Saying About MindGames...

Here's why your people will be talking about it for ages --

"By far the best entertainment we have ever had....by far!"
Phil Jones, State Manager, Bendigo Bank

"The Healthscope audience are still trying to work out how on earth he did what he did with people he had NEVER laid eyes on - we suspect it is something they will never forget.  An astounding and brilliant performance."
Angela Collier - Healthscope

"Outstanding. 11 out of 10!
Tracey Evans, CMMA Conference

"Tom is the most astounding presenter we have ever seen.
To the end of the conference, there were people who just absolutely would not believe that his act wasn’t set up beforehand.
Our delegates have never seen anything like it and I imagine would be unlikely to again, unless we get him back at future events! (which is something we would consider for the future).
I would highly recommend Tom’s presentation to any conference organiser who wanted to just blow their delegates away.
He’s amazing, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to see his presentation. "

Natalie O'Driscoll - CTIQ

"People are still talking about your show."
Mary McNamara - Pharmacia and Upjohn.

"Staff have been buzzing about you all week"
Sue Cowan - Bank of NZ

***** 'Five Stars' From Suzuki' *****

"Tom's act - which is hardly a word that does it justice - had the audience mesmerised.
Initial thoughts that his perceptions were pre-planned set-ups quickly gave way to genuine astonishment as he methodically displayed his phenomenal talents.
Our room was filled with some of the most successful salesmen in the country and they were all genuinely in awe of Tom's talents, while his genial, affable nature endeared him to even the most skeptical.
Tom was a delight to work with and I would have no hesitation recommending him to any conference looking for 'something different.'
If I was a movie critic I would emboss Tom's poster with Entertaining, Engrossing and Enlightening.
Five Stars!"

Andrew Ellis - Suzuki Australia.

"Tom was fantastic - he had the hardest slot of our event to fill, being the morning session after our gala awards night where most of our delegates are tired and still half asleep.
He took no time at all to have them all engaged through his unique presentation.
We have never had anyone quite like Tom before, and his session was absolutely brilliant.
Tom was right up there as one of the best presenters we've had as he was completely professional, was flexible enough to include our key messages in his session and a complete pleasure to deal with."

Tom Leak - Freedom

"Tom spoke for over an hour and it took him a while to get away after as people wanted to speak with him. Everyone present is still talking about him and we would certainly recommend him."
Jane Aldred- Teachers Credit Union.

"Tom was absolutely fantastic.
The guests were amazed by his performance; they are still talking about him throughout the office."

Joyce Taylor - Micros Fidelio, Sydney

"Absolutely mind blowing!
David Chen - Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Tom captivated the audience from start to finish, our guests are still speaking about his performance days later."
Belinda Jenkins - Jalco Group

90% From Owners Corp, Victoria-
"Feedback from our attendees rated Tom's Key Note Presentation as 4.5.
Rating is 1-5, 5 being the highest.
With some of our members identifying Tom's Presentation as the most valuable aspect of the program.
Of great appreciation too, to us as organisers and to our members,
was Tom's willingness to stay around after his presentation and talk to attendees.
Entertainment the night before was fabulous, with Tom having everyone spell bound.
The intrigue and mystery, of what he did and how he did it, made for a fabulous 'x-factor' to our themed event.
We even appreciated Tom's
friendliness to stay around after the event and mingle amongst our guests."

Sharon Lameris - Owners Corp, VIC

"Thomas is an amazingly gifted presenter.
He was able to capture the attention and interest of all of the staff across both days.
The sessions are still being talked about weeks later.
Staff also gained a better understanding of the need to reflect on their own communication styles and the importance of taking the time to not only listen to what people are saying but observe their body language. A huge Thank You to Thomas from Supported Housing Inc."

Megan Cunningham - Supported Housing

"Tom was an amazing presenter.
He entertained and fascinated our audience at our Gala Dinner. His interactive style had everyone immersed in the mystique of his presentation. He was the topic of conversation for the remainder of the conference. I would gladly recommend him to other corporate clients."

David Dow - AXA Financial Services

"Tom was an exceptional presenter. He had the participants at the dinner function mesmerised. People were still buzzing with excitement about his performance the next morning. In an evaluation of the entire training program, one participant commented that Tom Berger's presentation was a 'life changing experience'."
Steve Allen - TAFE Tasmania

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