MINDGAMES still blowing away audiences after 25 years!

Real Time Ratings During 1000 Seater VELG Conference, Expect These Results--

Real time ratings taken during performance from 1000 member audience shows what you can expect when you book Tom Berger for a keynote.

Despite being incorrectly billed as a Motivational Speaker at the Melbourne VELG Conference, and been given the hardest slot - early morning after the late night gala - I managed to blow away this massive audience away.

See the actual ratings below. You can expect similar results because I have been doing this for 25 years professionally.

There were nearly 20 speakers over 3 days at this Melbourne Conference, I scored 4.78 out of 5, or 96% in real time scoring during the presentation. 

Ratings were done via phone apps, all speakers were rated. Below the actual ratings given to me by VELG after the show, in their entirety. Click to enlarge.

The complete VELG real time ratings. This is what you can expect!
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